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Without nonferrous metals development of modern technics and society progress is impossible. Nonferrous metal is an electrical engineer, mechanical engineering, the medicine and still many other things without what our life would be not such comfortable.

The widest range of structural plastics is being used in almost all industrial sectors. Its appliances are characterized by such essential qualities as reliability, durability, excellent appearance.

Cellular polycarbonate is universal build material used in different spheres of activities due to its multiple advantages and quite low production cost (in comparison with other plastics).

About company




BelVedia - trademark of stable, reliable and fast growing company "Troya." The history of development takes beginning in 1996., when we began to work actively with the Russian Federation. Ltd. "Troy" is specialized in foreign trade with the near and far abroad. Since 2003. Foreign Trade Company "Troy" is the exclusive distributor in the Republic of Belarus, one of the largest producers of synthetic materials in South Korea - the corporation «Samsung Cheil Industries inc», producing engineering plastics under the brand name «Starex». Since 2005. Ltd. "Troy" is an authorized dealer in Belarus plant "Polialt" - one of the first Russian companies to produce polycarbonate «Sellex». Even at the stage of the project to develop ki was the conclusion of the domestic market product that meets international kachestvayu tional standards. Therefore choosing the suppliers of equipment and raw materials, we decided on the best.


Line of activity


Ltd. "Troya" supplies to Belarus in a wide-ferrous metal stock production four most  factories Russian Federation (Kolchugino Kirov, Kamensk-, Revda), polycarbonate sheet, made in Russia, and polymer raw materials are imported. The scope of our work includes the promotion of goods on the market, information and advertising support. Working and developing in Minsk, our company is constantly and steadily expands both its geography and range of products. Our company makes every effort to be the best in the business. 




Corporate Identity  


"Convenient. Qualitatively. Securely" - the motto of the company. Careful attention to customers, understanding of their interests and needs, professionalism characterize the style of Ltd. "Troya". Our company collaborates with a number of companies in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. Without a conscientious attitude to customers and partners, our company has not been able to so effectively and dynamically in the modern busi-Nese. We appreciate our customers and suppliers, and are always happy to extend their range. The company "Troy" is open for cooperation with new partners.



Оur Staff


Cohesive team of professionals with extensive experience in the organization of business inthe Republic of Belarus and beyond, always open to cooperation and ready to assist. See for yourself!