Non-ferrous metals

Without nonferrous metals development of modern technics and society progress is impossible. Nonferrous metal is an electrical engineer, mechanical engineering, the medicine and still many other things without what our life would be not such comfortable.

The widest range of structural plastics is being used in almost all industrial sectors. Its appliances are characterized by such essential qualities as reliability, durability, excellent appearance.

Cellular polycarbonate is universal build material used in different spheres of activities due to its multiple advantages and quite low production cost (in comparison with other plastics).

Non-ferrous metals

We collaborate with leading metal-processing plants in the Republic of Belarus. Dozens of metal production customers including electrotechnical, automobile machine-building, agri-industrial enterprises and other activities use our services.

The company has a permanent store in Minsk with wight-handling equipment and certified weighting unit.

Trade company «Troya» works with wide range of different marks, sizes of brassy, bronzed, copper rolled metal made to order according to All-Union standard and terms of reference. All the production is certified, of high quality, produced by the best manufacturers of Russian Federation.

According to clients needs our company supplies products to large enterprises and to organizations with orders less than 100 kg.

We invite all the enterprises and organizations dealing with brassy, bronzed, copper rolled metal to mutually profitable cooperation.