The material properties

Without nonferrous metals development of modern technics and society progress is impossible. Nonferrous metal is an electrical engineer, mechanical engineering, the medicine and still many other things without what our life would be not such comfortable.

The widest range of structural plastics is being used in almost all industrial sectors. Its appliances are characterized by such essential qualities as reliability, durability, excellent appearance.

Cellular polycarbonate is universal build material used in different spheres of activities due to its multiple advantages and quite low production cost (in comparison with other plastics).

The material properties

Polymeric Materials / ABS Envelope 

ABS - plastic recycled in different ways and have a fairly wide range of features, including shock resistance and durability, mechanical properties, hemostoykost, processability, dimensional stability and colorability. This material is widely used in the manufacture of electrical products and components for the electronics industry, car interior parts, toys, vizheokamer and pipes. ABS Resin - a copolymer of three components, such as acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, which allows you to easily adjust the assignment and the material properties by varying the ratio of the components and the introduction of the polymer functional additives. 


Polymeric Materials / Plastic PBT STAREN    

Among the various engineering plastics PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) is a crystalline polymer, the distinguishing characteristics of which are excellent heat resistance, hemostoykost and electrical characteristics, combined with a high rate of crystallization. Thus, it is known as the most balanced polymer with sufficiently good properties with short cycles of casting, namely, resistance to atmospheric agents, friction and wear resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to thermal aging and accessibility from the perspective of the economy.


Especially evident are the advantages of this material when filled with glass fiber and mineral agents. In this case it is easy to fire rated up to a level where-filled PBT electrical products can be produced for television sets, electric plugs, switches, and frames. In addition to this, low water absorption makes the material suitable for the manufacture of automotive parts and features, precision, and because of the low degree of degradation and, consequently, a slight change in its properties over time, allows to exploit the products of such material in the long term.


Polymeric Materials / Plastic STAREX SAN 

SAN is termoplastic copolymer of styrene and acrolonitrile. Plastic brand.  Plastics brand "SAN STAREX" have excellent physical and mechanikal properties such as tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, the ability to shock. Saving the dimensional accuracy of products at elevated temperatures and chemical resistance higher than that of general purpose polystyrene.