Without nonferrous metals development of modern technics and society progress is impossible. Nonferrous metal is an electrical engineer, mechanical engineering, the medicine and still many other things without what our life would be not such comfortable.

The widest range of structural plastics is being used in almost all industrial sectors. Its appliances are characterized by such essential qualities as reliability, durability, excellent appearance.

Cellular polycarbonate is universal build material used in different spheres of activities due to its multiple advantages and quite low production cost (in comparison with other plastics).


Since 2003 our company has been an exclusive distributor in the Republic of Belarus of one of the largest South Korean polymers manufactures Samsung Cheil Industries Inc that produces engineering plastics under the trademark "Starex".

The constant research conducted by Samsung Cheil Industries Inc in the sphere of new polymeric materials development combined with the latest technology allowed it in a short time to take a leading position at the global plastics market.

The main strategy of the firm Troy as a partner of Samsung Cheil Industries Inc in the Republic of Belarus is the technical support which is provided to the firm clients by our managers, as well as South Korean experts. This help is connected with the selection and the use of materials in the manufacture of specific products.

We supply not only the basic grade materials, but also plastics with special properties, including the selection of different colors and shades.

We appreciate our current customers and suppliers and are always happy to expand their amount. The company Troy is open for cooperation with new partners in our country and abroad.

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