Cellular polycarbonate

Without nonferrous metals development of modern technics and society progress is impossible. Nonferrous metal is an electrical engineer, mechanical engineering, the medicine and still many other things without what our life would be not such comfortable.

The widest range of structural plastics is being used in almost all industrial sectors. Its appliances are characterized by such essential qualities as reliability, durability, excellent appearance.

Cellular polycarbonate is universal build material used in different spheres of activities due to its multiple advantages and quite low production cost (in comparison with other plastics).

Cellular polycarbonate

Trade company «Troya» is an official dealer in Republic of Belarus of the plant «Polialt» - one of the first Russian enterprises which produce cellular polycarbonate «Sellex». Even while working out the project the aim of the company was introduction of a product into Russian market, which corresponds to international standards of quality. That’s why we chose the best suppliers of equipment and raw materials. But not only names of world famous suppliers show advantages of our production. On the plant functions 24-hours multistage quality control system. The personnel of «Polialt» was taught in the educational centre of the company «Omipa» in Italy. High technical production level, personnel qualification and permanent quality of appliances let the brand «Sellex» take worthful place in the line of famous marks, which associate by the clients with reliability and good will.

Cellular polycarbonate «Sellex» is plastic, produced from polycarbonate granules, has a shape of transparent hollow panels of different gage and structure connected with stiffener plates.

Cellular polycarbonate «Sellex» is universal build material characterized by such qualities as strength, fire safety, UV, temperature and atmosphere resistance. Also cellular polycarbonate has excellent thermal and noise isolation properties, light weight, doesn’t break during cutting and drilling. Special protective layer discourage ingress of the most detrimental UV rays. Polycarbonate is viscous polymer, because of this panels made from it don’t break. Polycarbonate hasn’t equivalents amidst polymer materials in comparison with mechanical properties. Polycarbonate is self-extinguishing material. Special protective layer entraps destructive UV-rays. Panels made from polycarbonate due to its tensile properties don’t break, don’t crack and therefore don’t form sharp pieces by impact.